Our Services

With our experience in the industry, we have adapted many capabilities of serving our clients with varieties of services in terms of:

  • Customization of products
  • Technical assistance for using our product more efficiently
  • Labours for adhesive tape application.
  • Free Deliveries to our customer anywhere in India
  Customization of products
    Today’s market is a niche market. Customer hardly compromises when it comes to quality and wastages of any material. Through our state of art manufacturing and conversion facilities, we have been able to facilitate our customer with accurate required dimensions and customized material quality. Different cusomters have different applications. Even in same material, few customers prefer different thickness, different adhesive tack, different dimensions and different packing.

With our all in house facilities of adhesive coating, cutting, slitting, slicing, die punches and plotters, we can make any changes in quality and dimensions in our products to meet different needs of every customer.


We have been able to deliver many customized products to our customers which have helped us to gain their loyalty in terms of preffered vendor in many of their upcoming new applications.

  Technical assistance for using our product more efficiently
    We have been into industrial supplies since 1988. Ever since our establishment, we have been successful in generating technical persons at our place. They have been trained such that they can resolve any technical query related to any of our product. Many of our products require application techniques. Simply supplying material to customer never accomplishes our 100% sale. We have to show them techniques for using our products for getting maximum value of their investments. These techniques can be anything depending on type of product and its applications. It can be surface preparations, application methods, application directions, pressure requirement for different bonding qualities, curing time, curing methods, climatic constraint for different products, shelf life, storage methods, PPE requirements and many more. Our products normally work in all the recommended applications but if our customers are aware of all technical aspects, they can utilize maximum performances of our products.
  Labours for adhesive tape application

Each and every product of ours goes into difference application. Different products require different application methods taking care of all the required precautions for ensuring maximum output of performance.


There are many cases where we suggest our customer not to involve themselves into constraints of tape applications. Normally this happens where volumes are very high and customers require quicker tape applicators to work within a speculated time without any application errors. In that case, we take the entire responsibility of their particular time based application and we involve our trained people and persuade them to go along with the material, apply them as per the customer’s specifications taking all the technical precautions and finish jobs within time and ensuring minimum wastages and maximum utilization of every layer of material.

  Free Delivery to our customers
    We take pride in saying this. We have our own dispatch vehicles and our enthusiastic riders can drive round the clock to reach anywhere anytime for serving our customers. We make sure that each and every material moving from our place is moved in our own delivery vehicle to ensure proper handling and transit conditions. Though packings are as per standards but many time mishandlings and unfavorable storage conditions at transporter’s place causes material losses or roll deformation.
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