Tapes for Electronics
  Polyamide Tapes / Kapton Tapes  
  • Thin and conformable tape enabling masking of uneven surfaces.
  • Wide operating temperature ranging from -270oC to +400oC
  • Removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat.
  • Coated with high performace silicone adhesive.
  • High strength backing provides superior resistance to puncture and tear.
  • Resistance to chemical attack.
  • Used for high temperature masking.
  • Used for protection of circuit board gold finger contacts during wave solder.
  • Used for insulation on transformers, motors, and coils.
  • Used for thermocoupling.
  • Used in Fibre Optics Cables.
  • Used in Solar Panels.
      Aluminium Foil Tapes  
  • Thin and soft aluminium offers best conformability to both irregular and curved surfaces.
  • Works as a barrier for moisture / vapor.
  • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive is designed to excellent quick stick and ultimate adhesion.
  • Useful for sealing out dust and dirt for underground cable and duct sealing applications, wire harness applications and spreading heat in flexible heaters.
  • Few grades of these tapes can be used in electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding on microwave components, cables, antennas, motors, or cabinets.
  • Offers temperature range from -40oF to 180oC
  • Foil tapes coated with silicone adhesive can withstand temperature as high as 320oC
  • Few grades of these tapes are available with liners which allows the tape to be die cut into shapes.
  • Tape can be made printable for label applications.
      Copper Foil Tapes  
  • Copper Foil is highly conformable to both irregular and curved surfaces.
  • Solderable surface allows fast and easy fabrication of parts.
  • Copper foil tapes with liner allows the tape to be die cut into shapes.
  • Used in electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding on microwave components, cables, antennas, motors, or cabinets.
  • Solderable.
  • Used in Printed Circuit Board repairs or prototypes
  • Used as a connector where mechanical connectors are not practical.
      Lead Foil Tapes  
  • Highly conformable to both irregular and curved surfaces.
  • Used for masking of electroplating, x-ray plates, chemical milling.
  • Used for sealing of radioactive canisters and thermopane windows.
  • Used for shielding radiation barrier.
  • Used for decoration in simulated lead windows.
  • Lead foil tapes with liner allows diecut.
  • Aggressive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is designed to offer excellent quick stick and ultimate adhesion.
      F Class Insulation Tapes  
  • Fabricated by weaving on narrow fabrics looms in various thickness and weave density.
  • Excellent di-electric properties.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good reinforcement to insulation varnishes
  • Protects against mechanical damages,
      B Class Insulation Polyester Tapes  
  • These tapes are fabricated using a polyester tape coated with heat cured rubber adhesive system.
  • Provides high breakdown voltage upto 7.5kV
  • Provides operating temperature upto 130oC
  • Provides excellent conformability and is tear/puncture resistant.
  • Used for insulation of coils in motors, transformers, relays and contacts.
  • Used in high tension cable terminal and cable joining.
  • Used for interlayer insulation.
  • Used in reinforcement of slot liners.
  • Used for mounting of jumper arms.
      C Class Insulation Tapes  
  • Fabricated using polyester coated with silicone adhesive on one side.
  • Provides operating temperature upto 210oC
  • Used in high temperature insulation applications.
      H Class Insulation Tapes  
  • Used for banding of rotor, armatures and transformer cores.
  • Fabricated of high strength glass yarns coated with specially formulated high temperature thermosetting polyester resin.
  • Provides long term thermal resistivity upto 200oC and short term upto 260oC.
  • Higher arc resistivity reduces possibility of flash over.
  • Insulation not required as it is a non conducting material.
      Masking Tapes  
  • Masking Tapes is a pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper or polyester base depending on application.
  • The adhesive is the key element for its application. It allows tape to be easily removed from the surface without leaving residue or damaging the surface.
  • Different qualities of masking tapes are available for different strengths and temperature applications.
      Belting Tape  
  • Available in craft paper / crepe paper backing.
  • Used for separation, protection and tapping the terminals of electrical components like transformers, capacitors, etc.
  • Provides adequate tensile strength.
  • Adhesion property ensure no contamination on the terminals for long period of time.
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