Tapes for Engineering
  Acrylic Foam Tapes  
    Acrylic Foam Tape is a 100% acrylic closed cell construction that can strongly bond metals, glass, many types of plastics. This tape simply eliminates screwing, riveting, welding or any other mechanical fasteners. This tape is easy to use, can provide immediate bonding, hassle free application, provides reliable bond, high performance, better productivity, good styling. The viscoelasticity property of this tape enhance the better adhesion penetration into peaks and valleys of the surface providing conformation to irregular surfaces and helps in providing strongest sealing, cushioning and impact resistance.
Fast, easy to use and reliable, VHB tapes help improve styling, performance and productivity. Foam conforms to many irregular surfaces and helps provide sealing, cushioning and impact resistance.
  Masking Tapes  
    Masking Tapes is a pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper or polyester base depending on application. The adhesive is the key element for its application. It allows tape to be easily removed from the surface without leaving residue or damaging the surface. Different qualities of masking tapes are available for different strengths and temperature applications.
  Butyl Sealant Tapes  
    Butyl Sealant Tapes are sealant tapes that are used for sealing application in metallic roofing, double glazing, etc. Basically this tape is a synthetic rubber strip sealant designed for double glazing, extruded mastic sealing strips in various industrial and construction applications. This tape is used to seal dust, water and air. It adheres to steel, aluminium, treated metals, wood, glass, zinc, epoxies and many king of plastics. Life of this tape post application can be more than ten years.
  Edge Protection Tapes  
    Edge Protection Tapes are normally Cloth, Foam, PVC, Polyester, Vinyl based tapes that can be used on edges of furnaces, reactors, heavy machineries, appliances, automobiles, etc. This tape provides protection of edges from any impacts during transportation, lifting, storage, etc.
  Blasting Resistance Tapes  
    Blasting Resistance Tapes are used in sandblasting booths. This tape is used to to mask a particular area that has to be protected from sand blasting / shot blasting. The key element of this tape is its basic material that can withstand the blasting impacts and pressures upto 10 bar pressures
  Surface Protection Tapes  
    Surface Protection Tapes are normally made up of LDPE film coated with a low tack adhesive. This tape is available in transparent, plain white, white and black. This tape protects surfaces from dust, scratches, and damages. The key elements of this tape is it has variable peel of strength, leaves no adhesive residue when removed, weather resistance, UV resistance. Some grades of surface protection tapes also serves the purpose of protection for as long as two years. Available thickness varies from 40microns to 120 microns.
  Heavy Loading Tapes  
    Heavy Loading Tapes are normally nylon reinforced tape that provide high shear and tensile strengths provide. This tapes are normally used in bundling, holding, tabbing, etc.
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